Eggplant / Talong (1/2 Kg)

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Eggplant / Talong  (1/2 Kg)

Agribusiness Online Palengke sources Eggplant or Talong from Partner Farmers in Pangasinan and Abra, and of course: from one of our very own Agribusiness Farms.

By buying directly from the farmers, we are able to buy at a higher price. This means higher and fairer profit for them. At the same time, you can get them at a much cheaper price.

To be an Agribusiness Online Palengke Partner Farmer, his produce must live up to the standards. The vegetables you will be buying have gone through three sorting stages. We want you to get the same quality we supply to high end supermarkets in Metro Manila. But again: at a much cheaper price, thanks to the simplified supply chain...

...which is our ultimate vision - and with each order, you help us, our partner farmers, and other customers get closer to it.